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Rotate the map in increments of 45 degrees using the and buttons.; Share maps of your home country, chosen map projection and rotation by clicking on the share button (and copying the URL).; The number of different maps you can …

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MapworldNZ, maps, digital mapping, GPS, wristop computers, guidebooks, atlases, compasses, beacons, globes Peter’s Projection map is an equal area map. It shows the countries in a size equivalent to their actual size.

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In 1973, Arno Peters published the Peters Projection map. This map preserves equal area and retains a rectangular grid of latitude and longitude. Thus all countries are the correct size in relation to one another. On this projection it …

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The Gall–Peters projection is a rectangular, equal-area map projection. Like all equal-area projections, it distorts most shapes. It is a cylindrical equal-area projection with latitudes 45° north and south as the regions on the map that have no distortion.
The projection is named after James Gall and Arno Peters. Gall described the pr…

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New Internationalist World Map ON THE PETERS PROJECTION The traditional world map uses Mercator’s projection which shows compass directions …

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You can Get a free map and a free 4 page Peters Projection explanation just by clicking here THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PETERS MAP EQUAL AREA The map shows all areas – whether countries, continents or oceans – according to …

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Peters Projection World Map Bookmark Page Email Friend A map that does not make you think, is worthless Retains a rectangular grid of latitude and longitude Countries are correct size in relation to one another Flat paper finish …